How to support

Monetary Donations
Monetary donations are always gratefully accepted. If you are interested in supporting Pink Tribute, please make your donation by bank transfer to the Pink Tribute account:

Danske Bank:
Reg. No. 1551 – Account No. 3109 39 90 94
So that we can thank you, please fill in your details upon transferring.

2018 Fundraising Evening

This year’s event was held at the beautiful Swiss Embassy and Residence in Hellerup on Thursday 20th September 2018. See our Facebook page, or follow us on instagram.

Lottery Tickets

Our September lottery draw had some generous and exclusive prizes, and we break records each year! See our prizes via:

Pink Tribute Shopping Day at Hellerup's very own Rotunden Food Market

After hugely successful and atmospheric events at Rotunden Food Market in Hellerup over the last four years, Rotunden Hellerup Food Market Meny will generously repeat with their fifth Pink Tribute Pink Saturday on 6th October 2018, wherein 10% of all proceeds will go directly to Pink Tribute. Thank you for your amazing support and thank you to all the shoppers!

Excited to announce that the fabulous Vileda

are sponsoring us throughout September and October 2018. More information provided in the linkbelow. Thank you to Vileda and Josina Bergsøe for her networking and backing with this venture.


LogoCardGroup Security Cards

LogoCard is a leading supplier of plastic cards and associated services in Scandinavia. In order to protect against accidental or unauthorised payments and access of identification data, LogoCard provides innovative shielding technology that can be incorporated into any plastic card design.

Mette Christian Jacobsen of LogoCardGroup has designed a security card with our logo, and is donating all proceeds from their sale to Pink Tribute! Mette was as ever at our event, this time with her tailor made Pink Tribute protection cards.

They can be pre-ordered via the Mobilepay number (provide your name please and whether you are at the Thursday event).
Mette has already received orders! She is happy to pack and send. So email directly to her at providing your address.

Muccia Cashmere October 2017 Offer

Dorte and Grith who make up Muccia Aps – who have loyally attended our events every year as well as donated to our lottery prizes – approached us to generously offer to donate 20% of the sales of a special cashmere selection for the whole of October month! We are so thankful for this support!

Pink Tribute Funding Collaborations:

Purchase of Gillian Jones / Cimi Bag

A GJ Pink Tribute handy wash bag has been designed by Cimi and Gillian Jones. A chic check-in bag, which will ensure that you can take the most essential items with you on board. And for every check-in bag sold, 5 kr will be donated to Pink Tribute Denmark, supporting them in their fight against breast cancer. These are available from NEYE and Matas stores nationally and ICA of Sweden. We are enormously grateful.

Direct Sponsorship

The cornerstone of our fundraising is the annual Pink Tribute Luncheon. Its success is critical to us, and our valued sponsors are vital to its success. The fine food and beverages, the floral arrangements, and so much more are donated by our sponsors. Furthermore, we depend on donated gifts and services of all sizes for our lottery prizes and our gift bags.

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