Recipient Organizations


The following organizations and their leaders embody the belief and practice of empowerment, education, rehabilitation and mutual support that we at Pink Tribute have supported since inception. We take pride in choosing the recipients with care, for maximum benefit.
"Børn, Unge og Sorg"- support group for children and youths suffering a loss
"Krop & Kræft"
Danish Cancer Society's Department of Prevention and Early Detection
"Look Good Feel Better" - A charity offering hair and beauty advice and workshops for women undergoing cancer treatment, supported by the Danish Cosmetics Industry.
Patientforeningen DBO- Dansk Brystkræft Organisation
"Props and Pearls"- Health Lounge for women in Denmark focuses on specific health concerns, especially breast cancer
"Sorggruppen Aalborg"- support group for children and families suffering a loss
Sundhedscenter for Kræftramte-Health Care Center for Cancer Patients
"A Race against Breast Cancer"- A fond to support with the sole purpose of raising money for DCTB's research
Landsforening mod Brystkræft Anders Klit, at Rigshospitalet and Dr. med. Henrik Flyger, Head of the Department of Breast Cancer at Herlev Hospital-Funding process to document cosmetic outcome
Special fund for collaberative merging of valuable database information
Special fund for terminally ill patients with breast cancer-The Pink Tribute Fund
Fund for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
Breast construction surgery booklet and app

RECIPIENTS for 2016 

1. Fund a "special experience” for terminally ill breast cancer patients and their loved ones - The Pink Tribute Fund
Pink Tribute has created a special fund for terminally ill patients with breast cancer. Patients cannot themselves make an application, but the nurses in charge will collaborate with nursing groups at breast cancer clinics at Herlev and RH, and will elect patients they believe to be especially in need and deserving.
The Pink Tribute fund helps where it is believed it may make a "big difference" in the patient's situation.

Trine Foged Henriksen - Breast construction surgery booklet and app

There are many offers regarding breast reconstruction, they all vary considerably, and vary between regions. All these various approaches to breast reconstruction can appear overwhelming, and often this is not helped when researching further on the internet where information can also vary immensely and be difficult to understand.

The purpose of writing the book/app is therefore to give women the possibility to obtain scientific information of diverse reconstruction possibilities, as well as the pro's and con's with each type. In addition, there will be information on implant types and on reasons for and against choosing such an operation. Lastly, there will also be interviews with women, as well as images, to further explain the process and make it feel more authentic to those women trying to make up their own minds as to which course to follow. It should be stressed though that this book/app is not intended to be a replacement for a personal consultation, but rather as a supplement. The aim is to have all this information ready to launch within the next 12 months.



Our mission

Pink Tribute seeks to fund and support organizations in Denmark that have a real and positive impact on the lives of women with breast cancer...

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