2016 Events 

Pink Tribute Evening 2016
On Thursday 29th September, we had a marvellieux event, kindly hosted by the French Ambassador to Denmark, at the French Embassy in Copenhagen.
Pink Tribute 'Pink Saturday' - at Rotunden - Hellerup Food Market 
Once again, it was time to shop 'til you drop! <3 Rotunden Food Market Hellerup yet again generously arranged its 3rd enormously successful Pink Tribute Day, wherein 10% of all takings for the day were donated to Pink Tribute Denmark...
A fantastic donation of the sum of DKr.10,000 has just arrived from one of our loyal guests to our events!

We would like to thank Oribe Hair Care Danmark, GN Products for this wonderful sponsorship, which will be used for our Pink Tribute Fund.

The Pink Tribute Fund provides a "special experience” for terminally ill breast cancer patients and their loved ones. Pink Tribute has created a special fund for terminally ill patients with breast cancer. Patients cannot themselves make an application, but the nurses in charge will collaborate with nursing groups at breast cancer clinics at Herlev and RH, and will elect patients they believe to be especially in need and deserving. The Pink Tribute fund helps where it is believed it may make a "big difference" in the patient's situation.

This would not be at all possible if it weren't for our fantastic sponsors such as these


Our mission

Pink Tribute seeks to fund and support organizations in Denmark that have a real and positive impact on the lives of women with breast cancer...

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